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In the animal kingdom, there are many social hierarchies that dictate the lives and interactions of the creatures within them. Did You Know, The wolf packs are eerily fascinating and complex social units and are the most efficient social group on the planet? Their flawless ranking system ensures that every member gets their rightful place. If you were in a wolf pack, which rank would you hold?

Are you the wise one who dictates the whole pack? Or is it the fighter spirit that motivates you to go hunting and bring back food for the team?

Let’s take this quiz from BuzzMoy and find out if you are an Alpha, Beta, Delta, or Omega?

  1. 1 First off, which of these animals represents you?

    1. Fox
    2. Lion
    3. Cat
    4. Dog
  2. 2 Which part of the day are you most active in?

    1. Morning
    2. Midday
    3. Evening
    4. Midnight
  3. 3 Which of these positions seems more suitable for you?

    1. Healer
    2. Dictator
    3. Teacher
    4. Learner
  4. 4 Which word best describes you?

    1. Shy
    2. Fearless
    3. Caring
    4. Creative
  5. 5 Who are you out of your group of friends?

    1. The Wise One
    2. The Funny One
    3. The Sporty One
    4. The Weird One
  6. 6 Who do you prefer to be with?

    1. My Family
    2. My Friends
    3. My Enemies
    4. Alone!
  7. 7 Finally, which rank do you think you’ll be in?

    1. Alpha
    2. Beta
    3. Delta
    4. Omega

What's Your Rank In A Wolf Pack?

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    You’ve got Omega.

    You are the new member of the pack, second in rank, right after the pups. You are usually the young wolf who is yet to prove your capabilities. The ones who are hard-working and keen to learn, rank up quite easily from this position. As an Omega, your job is to watch over the pup and sometimes go for hunting. Don’t be surprised if you don’t receive much respect while holding this rank.

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    You’ve got Delta.

    You are in a training position for the upcoming beta rank. You are the third in rank and play the role of protecting the pack. You always go to your best friends for advice. You are often called the versatile member of the pack. You help the dominant wolves during hunting. Watching over the territory boundary is your duty. Deltas also work as the caretakers of ill and wounded members of the pack.

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    You’ve got Beta.

    You are the second in command and enforce the law when the alpha is not present. If both of the alpha dies, you can fight for the alpha position. As a beta, you are the most loyal member in the pack. You are willing to put your life on line to protect your family. You are a good friend and always willing to go with good ideas. You're the kind of wolf that loves to feel sand on your paws and shake the seawater off of your fur.

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    You’ve got Alpha.

    You are the leader of the pack. You try your best to keep up with what’s going on within the pack. Making rules and enforcing them are your duties. You see each of the pack members as family. The wellbeing and growth of the pack depends on your wise and important decisions. Your vast experiences in leadership coupled with incredible decision-making ability ensures a strong blanket of security.

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