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According to medical science, a substance called melanin produced at the root of the hair bulb is responsible for different hair colors. Melanin is of two types. The ratio of these two types creates the color of our hair.

From bright blonde and dark brown to hot pink, there is a wide range of hair colors available to choose from. In today's world, people don't usually stick to their natural hair colors and prefer to dye their hair in their favorite colors.

You will be amazed to know that your hair color or the one you like most says a lot about your inner personality. This story is all about that. So, let's dive deep and find out what does the color of your hair says about you.

  1. 1 Brown

    Did you know, The majority of novel prize winners are brunettes? Brunettes are known for their hard work and determined spirit. They remain busy all the time and feel bored when there is no work available. They like to plan ahead of time which helps them to tackle almost any situation. They are extremely serious about relationships and tend to form long term ones.

    If your favorite hair color is brown then there is a great possibility that you are: reliable, dependable, steady, addicted, responsible, and leader.

  2. 2 Black

    People with black hair color are naturally experts in finance.  They are very quiet, laid-back, self-centered, and like to keep a distance from people. They show interest in religion, poetry, and spiritual matters. One may find them mysterious but once they spend some time with them, they find out that their hearts are not as black as their hair.

    If your hair color is black then your possible traits are intense, thoughtful, introverted, secretive, elegant, listener.

  3. 3 Red

    People with natural red hair is very rare. Natural redheads get attention and dyeing one's hair red can bring a "look at me" quality to their personality. They have stronger self-esteem which creates the path to achieve what they want without being bothered by self-doubt. They are also regarded as very adventurous when it comes to relationships. Hot-tempered and hot-headed are some words often associated with their personality.

    Red hair color lovers often tend to be energetic, confident, romantic, unique, passionate, seductive, and mysterious.

  4. 4 Blonde

    Blonde hair conveys a carefree vibe and blondes are naturally very calm, relaxed, and down-to-earth. They don't usually worry much about what's going on around them and it might cause trouble for them sometimes. You are bright, bold, and intelligent, and people around you are well aware of this. Blondes are, however, more challenged in relationships as they find it hard to maintain proper stability.

    If you are a blonde then there is a great chance that you are, outspoken, naive, obedient, youthful, and challenging.

  5. 5 Purple

    People loving purple hair color like to express their individuality. Purple color naturally promotes the harmony of the mind and emotions. They are extensively imaginative and this virtue helps them to think outside the box. Purple lovers are very creative and have a natural efficiency in arts.

    Usually, people with purple hair color are creative, artistic, spiritual, balanced, mysterious, peace-loving and intuitive.

  6. 6 Blue

    Blue color promotes a calming and trustworthy attitude. It indicates one's big heart and peace-loving soul. If one is drawn to blue hair color, then chances are they're extremely outgoing with an open and adventurous mind. Their personality makes you a natural-born performer. They are logical and rational thinkers and always think before acting.

    If you like the blue hair color then you might be loyal, idealistic, reliable, peaceful, caring, responsive and emotional.

  7. 7 White


    People who are attracted to white hair color are naturally pure and perfect. They are unique in every possible way. Their innocence makes them very easy to trust and they never let their followers down. They are not moody but their faces change from a soft and friendly one to a rejecting and evil one in seconds. White lovers search for perfection in relationships which might be hard to find sometimes.

    If your favorite hair color is white then you possibly are: inspiring, dependable, caring, pure, simple, and self-sufficient.

So, which hair color is your favorite? Did we describe you perfectly according to your pick? Let us know by leaving a comment below. And if you wanna follow some more articles like this one then you may follow us in social media.

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