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Have you had the chance to experience bends? If not, I’ll tell you about it. The art of bending is one that involves the manipulation and control over the elements of earth, water, and air by means of the energy of chi. The term “bending” is derived from the word that is used in martial arts, which are referred to as “martial art.” There are a variety of benders, including earthbenders, waterbenders and airbenders. We’ll look into the capabilities of each!


Waterbending allows you to control water using the use of Chi. This kind of bending is practiced for Water Tribe members. It is not the case that everyone Water Tribe members can bend however, as it requires great determination and strength to control the flow of water. Waterbenders are also able to manipulate snow and ice because these kinds of things are still thought as frozen water. A good example of a waterbender is Katara who was introduced in Avatar The Last Airbender.


Earthbending is a method of controlling the earth using the use of Chi. This kind of bending has been seen in people from the Earth Kingdom so far in Avatar The Last Airbender however I’m confident that there will be Fire and particularly Airbenders who will be able to master this kind of bent. It is similar to waterbending in that it requires great endurance and discipline to master this kind of bent. A few examples include Toph Beifong who was featured in Avatar the Last Airbender and Sud from The Legend of Korra.


The process of controlling fire is done through the use of Chi energy. Only members of the Fire Nation have been shown to be able to bend this far due to the fact that they are governed by a monarchy that believes power is derived through their holy flame which is the basis for all firebending. To be able for one to be a firebender they must undergo intensive training and total control of their emotions before they can be able to begin the art of bending. One firebender example is Zuko who was introduced in Avatar the Last Airbender.


Airbending is a method of controlling air using the application of Chi energy. This kind of bending was only seen in the case of people belonging to the Air Nomads. It is extremely uncommon at the moment because it involves special gliders comprised of rocks that are that is native to Airbender’s homes and are located at the top of the mountain. It is also possible to see the wind’s currents if you are at it closely enough. Airbending is a technique that can alter weather patterns and may even hinder other types such as earthbending or water (which I discussed earlier). A few examples are Monk Gyatso, who was Katara’s teacher in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang, who was the Avatar at the time as well as Tenzin in The Legend of Korra.

That’s all the kinds of bending I have seen so far, as well as an example for each. I hope that you have got a little knowledge about the art of bending.

You may find people telling you that “you’re such a bender!” But what does that mean? Is it good or bad? Are you the type of person who likes to bend rules once in a while, or do you follow them blindly without question? Find out here!

This quiz will determine which type of bender best describes your personality. So read on…and take the quiz! Let’s see what kind of Bender YOU really are.

  1. 1 First off, choose one of these colors:

    1. RED
    2. BLUE
    3. SKY
    4. GREEN
  2. 2 How are you feeling today?

    1. GOOD
    2. TENSED
    3. ANGRY
    4. HAPPY
  3. 3 Pick an animal friend from below:

    1. SNAKE
    2. FROG
    3. RABBIT
    4. OWL
  4. 4 Which season do you feel most connected to?

    1. SPRING
    2. SUMMER
    3. AUTUMN
    4. WINTER
  5. 5 When do you feel more comfortable?

    1. DAWN
    2. MIDDAY
    3. SUNSET
  6. 6 Which of these words would perfectly describe you?

  7. 7 What type of food is your favorite?

    1. SPICY
    2. SALTY
    3. SWEET
    4. SOUR
  8. 8 What do you think is your best virtue?

    1. HONESTY
    2. CLARITY
    3. LOYALTY
  9. 9 Which special ability do you desire the most?

    1. HEALING
    2. FLIGHT
  10. 10 Finally, which element do you wanna bend?

    1. FIRE
    2. WATER
    3. AIR
    4. EARTH

What Type Of Bender Are You?

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  1. Quiz result

    Fire Bender!

    You've Got Fire Bender!

    You are extremely passionate and often possess fiery personalities. You are known for your intense and aggressive styles. You like to fight for what you think is worth fighting for. At times you may get a bit arrogant but you always come to your senses in the end.

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  2. Quiz result

    Water Bender!

    You've Got Water Bender!

    You are calm, collected, laid-back and love to go with the flow. Kind and caring you prefer to put others' needs before yours. Water is an element of change. That's why you're open to change and can easily adapt yourself to any adverse situation.

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  3. Quiz result

    Air Bender!

    You've Got Air Bender!

    You are energetic, open-minded and spiritual. You are very peaceful and know that violence is never the answer. You're practical & your pacifist nature is what everyone admires. You can easily brighten up someone's day by making wise decisions.

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  4. Quiz result

    Earth Bender!

    You've Got Earth Bender!

    You are tough, action-loving, fearless, loyal and brave. You shine when you're given the role of a protector. You wait and listen for the right moment to make a decision. That's why you don't usually get tangled up in sticky situations.

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  1. I have always love the avatar series and its amazing how you can know your element by answering a few questions. Thank you 🙂

  2. What????? I chose to bend water and they gave me air bender . I think these are not accurate tests and they make random guesses