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Patronus or patron was first appeared in ancient Roman mythology. It was used to define the distinctive relation between the patron(the animal) and their cliens(the user). In Harry Potter universe, the Patronus is regarded as one of the most popular, powerful and difficult defensive charms. It’s an advanced form of magic which even the most qualified wizard can struggle to handle properly.

The patronus charm was first introduced in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. ‘Expecto Patronum’ is that glorious spell used to cast a Patronus. After casting the spell, it will produce a silver colored animal guardian which will guide and protect the user from evil energies. Each patronus takes the form of an animal which has special affinity with the caster. For example, Harry’s patronus is a ‘Stag’ while Hermione’s patronus is an ‘Otter’.

There will be no Harry Potter fan who doesn’t wanna know the answer to the question: What is my Patronus Animal? It’s time to discover yours. If you ever wondered which animal will appear in your Patronus, then this quiz will help you to find that out. We’ve put our best effort to make this test as accurate as possible.

You’ll go through a series of questions which must be answered from your heart. The final result might amaze you. So, without further ado let’s get into the test…

  1. 1 What do you think is the color of your soul?

    1. Red
    2. Blue
    3. Green
    4. Yellow
    5. Black
  2. 2 What are the possible traits of you?

    1. Group One
    2. Group Two
    3. Group Three
    4. Group Four
    5. Group Five
  3. 3 What is your soul animal?

    1. Cat
    2. Eagle
    3. Wolf
    4. Bear
    5. Other
  4. 4 What is your favorite Hogwarts House?

    1. Gryffindor
    2. Hufflepuff
    3. Ravenclaw
    4. Slytherin
    5. All of them!
  5. 5 Choose a wand from here...

    1. Wand One
    2. Wand Two
    3. Wand Three
    4. Wand Four
    5. Wand Five
  6. 6 What is your favorite subject in Hogwarts?

    1. Potions
    2. Astronomy
    3. Charms
    4. Herbology
    5. Alchemy
  7. 7 Finally, how do your friends see you?

    1. Flashy
    2. Patient
    3. Stubborn
    4. Intense
    5. Kind

What Is Your Patronus Animal?

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    You've got Stag as your patronus animal!

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  2. Quiz result


    Cat is your patronus animal!

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  3. Quiz result


    WOW! Wolf will be your guardian animal!

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  4. Quiz result


    Won't is be cool if you get a phoenix as your patronus animal?

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  5. Quiz result


    You've got Otter as your patron!

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