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Spiderman, one of the most incredible characters created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. From his first appearence in the Silver Age of Comic Books, he has been securing a special space in our hearts. Together, Sony Pictures, Disney and Marvel Studios are doing incredible collaboration to nurture the character and with the release of each of Spider-Man film, more layers of awesomeness are being added over the character.

The movies have shown us three different versions of Spider-Man and each of them are unique in their own ways. They possess different characteristics and different personalities. In this personality quiz, we have featured those 3 people who call themselves Spider-Man!

So, if you are a fellow fan of this character and ever wanted to know, which version of Spider-Man most closely resembles your personality, then you are in the most suitable place. You’ll be asked 7 questions and 10 seconds will be allotted to answer each.

The final result will be shown at the end of this special quiz.  Are you ready? If yes, then without further ado, let’s get into the test and find out, Which Spider-Man Are You?

  1. 1 First off, what kind of spider bit you?

    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
  2. 2 Which Villian would you rather fight?

    1. Scorpion
    2. Kingpin
    3. Carnage
  3. 3 Choose a Marvel movie:

    1. Gardians of The Galaxy
    2. Iron Man
    3. Avengers
    4. Captain America
    5. Thor
    6. X-Men
  4. 4 Now, which of the following color seems more attractive to you?

    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Four
    5. Five
    6. Six
  5. 5 Don't overthink! Just pick a direction to go towards...

    1. East
    2. West
    3. North
    4. South
  6. 6 Which weather do you feel most comfortable in?

    1. Cloudy
    2. Rainy
    3. Snowy
    4. Hot
    5. Sunny
    6. Damp
  7. 7 Finally, choose one of the following images...

    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Four
    5. Five
    6. Six

Which Spider-Man Are You?

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  1. Quiz result

    Tobey Maguire

    Image: Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures

    You are a natural born leader with extra-ordinary drive and determination. You demand freedom of choice, thought and action. You are so focused at your goals. and when you are committed to one of those, you don't like anyone stand in your way.

    You always seek for the forefront and limelight. You can become irritated when things doesn't go on your way.

    Some of your possible traits are...

    Shy, Kind, Nerdy, Big-hearted, Caring, Introverted, Protector, Consistent, Practical.

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  2. Quiz result

    Tom Holland

    Image: Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures

    Freedom is the key to your personality. You are a free-spirited one who love adventure, travel a lot and likes to meet a lot of people.

    You are adaptable and courageous. Monotony is your main foe. You try to engage yourself in several things and don't like being tied down to any one place.

    You have a upbeat and inspiring personality which attracts people around you and motivates them positively. You shine in the professions which require communication skills.

    Some of your possible traits are...

    Curious, Emotional, Inspiring, Ambitious, Daring, Focused, Enthusiastic, Motivated, Diverse.

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  3. Quiz result

    Andrew Garfield

    Image: Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures

    You are practical, down to earth with strong ideas about right and wrong. You are orderly, organized, systematic and controlled, and once committed - you employ decisive and methodical steps to problems solving, without giving up easily.

    You are hard working and courageous and often rewarded for these qualities of you.

    You tend to be bossy and rude at times. You possess a rare personality and not everybody can keep up with you.

    Some of your traits are...

    Geeky, Organized, Down-to-earth, Humorous, Charming, Novel, Authentic, Isolated.

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