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Greek mythology tells us about some incredible sea creatures. They are monstrously cool and unique in their own ways. Their legends, without any doubt amaze everyone.

Ever wondered which Greek Sea Monster will you be like? Are you more like the violent and vicious Scylla or is it the alluring Siren who control your mind? 

Today, in this quiz, we will try to guess which Greek Sea Monster actually relates to your personality. So, without further ado, let’s get started…

  1. 1 Starting off, Which Greek God fascinates you the most?

    1. Hades
    2. Demeter
    3. Hermes
    4. Poseidon
    5. Dionysus
  2. 2 Which quality do you prefer for yourself?

    1. Concealing and secretive
    2. Untamed and reckless
    3. Bold and fearless
    4. Violent and vicious
    5. Beauty with enchanted voice
  3. 3 Which monstrous aura suits you the most?

    1. Poison Breather
    2. Deadly Marine Snake
    3. Multi-headed Killer
    4. Gigantic Cephalopod
    5. Lethal Beauty
  4. 4 Which nature do you think you have?

    1. Wild and destructive
    2. Jealous and enraging
    3. Brave and bold
    4. Deceitful and witty
    5. Tricky and cunning
  5. 5 Which Character will you be willing to fight?

    1. Cassiopeia
    2. Odysseus
    3. Lolaus
    4. Heracles
    5. Perseus
  6. 6 Which crime or monstrous activity would you do if you had power?

    1. Kill people for self-isolation
    2. Annihilate humane existence
    3. Destroy arrogant people
    4. Enraged poisonous breath
    5. Lure mankind to demolish
  7. 7 Last but not least, which monster do you actually like?

    1. Cetus
    2. Scylla
    3. Lernean Hydra
    4. Kraken
    5. The Sirens

Which Greek Sea Monster Are You?

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    You’ve got Cetus!

    You are incomparably honest and don’t just let go and forgive deceptive people. You can’t withstand boastfulness, arrogance and vain so you will do whatever you can to annihilate these qualities from a person. That might include the harsh method. But by doing so you try to keep a balance in human nature.

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    You’ve got Scylla!

    You have a spear like characteristic. You love to stay isolated and when someone interferes with your privacy, you become dangerous. You are indulged with impossible decisions about your life but your determinant behavior helps you keep moving forward.

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    You’ve got Kraken!

    Just like kraken’s limb grow back after it is attacked you can restore back your life-energy after any kind of difficulty. You can be teared up in many ways but you will still find a way to live and continue fighting. There is no difficult phase that can stop you from achieving your goals.

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    You’ve got Siren!

    Your mind keeps on focusing on the past and restricts you from thinking about the future. But have desirable and tempting qualities that can pull people towards you just like the monsters lured the sailors towards them. Your witty nature helps you overcome the obstacles in your path.

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  5. Quiz result

    Lernean Hydra

    You’ve got Lernean Hydra!

    You have a destructive quality that you try to hide from others. Once you are enraged you cannot control the inner monster inside you. Your straight-forwardness both amazes and angers people around you. Your friend circle is not that big but the one you got is pretty supportive and inspiring.

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