You may not realize but there might be a room deep in your soul where the rules of nature don’t apply. The subconscious mind dwelling there might already have molded a magical creature who excels at performing miraculous tasks!

The question is, which supernatural creature is being cherished deep inside your soul?

In this quiz from BuzzMoy, we will try to guess that for you. If you are excited, then without further ado, let’s get into the quiz.

  1. 1 First off, what do you follow?

    1. Heart
    2. Instincts
    3. Mind
    4. Spirit
  2. 2 Which of these settings seem more suitable for you?

    1. Option A
    2. Option B
    3. Option C
    4. Option D
  3. 3 What’s your worst fear out of these?

    1. Betrayal
    2. Loneliness
    3. Pain
    4. Death
  4. 4 Don’t overthink, just pick a sky:

    1. Option A
    2. Option B
    3. Option C
    4. Option D
  5. 5 What do you look for in a significant other?

    1. Optimism
    2. Toughness
    3. Tenacity
    4. Quick Wit
  6. 6 Which of these would be the perfect sidekick for you?

    1. A Cat
    2. A Snake
    3. A Horse
    4. A Fox
  7. 7 Which of these traits describe you the most?

    1. Flexible
    2. Mysterious
    3. Persistent
    4. Carefree

Which Supernatural Creature Lies Within Your Soul?

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  1. Quiz result


    You’ve got Vampire!

    A Vampire lies within your soul! Just like vampires love to hide in the shadows, you too are not so socially active and often shy away from gatherings. You are not a chatty one and prefer to show your intentions and emotions through your eyes on a far greater scale than others do.

    Your attitude makes you a perfect example of elegance and boldness. Although you are passionate about fame and fortune, you never run blindly to achieve those leaving other things behind. You are also known for your brutal honesty.

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  2. Quiz result


    You’ve got Ghost!

    Have you ever felt lonely and invisible and despite being around a lot of people? If yes, then there is a huge possibility that a ghost is secretly living inside your soul! With the help of this supernatural being, your patience and observing ability have risen to an unmatched level.

    As a person with a quiet mouth and a loud mind, you seek a better half whose mind will also resonate with yours. You are known for giving great advice to anyone in need. You never forget things and one will never find you leaving any project unfinished. Writing poetry is one secret virtue of you.

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  3. Quiz result


    You’ve got Monster!

    Yes! You heard it right! Deep within your soul, the tale of a monster resonates! A monster, who for his appearance, is often misunderstood by the cruel world. Luckily, a few heartily gifted souls could discover the softness hidden inside you and soon became an integral part of your life.

    You have an extraordinary power to accept the truth no matter how harsh it is. You never retire from making tragic decisions if it's related to the safety of your loved ones. You have a powerful smile that can cut through a rock! You can easily move forward forgetting the past.

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  4. Quiz result


    You’ve got Werewolf!

    Do you feel a natural attraction to a full moon? Does a sense of adventure push you all the time? If the answer to these questions is yes, then a werewolf is being cherished deep inside your soul. You probably had a hard past and that past often haunts you.

    Sometimes, you wake up early in the morning and just listen to the void. You have a big heart with a loyal mindset. Family is the most important asset to you and you can do anything for your family. You can use humor to cover up your pains.

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